About US

Hanwei Grass was founded by industry professionals; seasoned manufacturers and grass yarn suppliers Innovation, R&D, Production, Sales artificial grass.

Hanwei artificial grass produced China’s best yarns, We have the most professional R&D team of yarn in China,developed and manufactured by the leading edge of yarn, having created some of the most advanced yarns ,Hanwei uses these high quality yarns to manufacture over 20 different shapes, such as: U shape,C shape, W shape, M shape,diamond shape, S shape, Wave shape, Flat shape,V shape, Single stem Shape,U with Stem shape , Double stem shape,Triangle shape,U shape with three stem etc.

Hanwei yarn is designed to meet the stringent performance standards of today's artificial grass landscape and sports grass systems.Our collective goal, as industry leaders, is to maintaining high quality standards to every stage of our manufacturing process, we strictly control every production process, establish a strict quality management system, and operate according to the rules of the system.From checking the yarn before production,setting up machines, tufted grass, inspecting backings and yarn surface, checking the packing and ensure that the final products fully meets the demands of customers.

The whole process of production


With ten years of experience in developing artificial grass yarn

With ten years of experience in developing artificial grass yarn, we produce high-quality, natural-looking artificial grass products for a variety of applications, including artificial grass for garden and landscaping, artificial grass for dogs, putting green grass, sports field grass, playground grass, pet potty artificial grass pee training pad , DIY artificial grass, custom manufacturing,and more.


The principals of Hanwei Grass are committed to the development of an outstanding enterprise that operates on honesty,professional, win-win. Not only are we constantly striving to improve, we guarantee that every square meter of grass meets the highest standards.