The appearance of the grass depends on the yarn you use! Yarn is the main component of artificial grass. It requires high technical capabilities for UV and abrasion resistance. Based on performance expectations,Hanwei offers you a lot of possibilities for selection.

Choice the yarn Material

There are 2 main artificial grass yarn materials: polyethylene (PE) and the polypropylene (PP). PE is thought to be softer than PP. It offers high resistance to UV light and temperature variations. With a concern for quality, all our straight yarns are of polyethylene (PE) in order to provide optimum softness. our curly yarns are of PP for better retracting and stand up, or we can also provide PE curly optional.
PE Straight + PP Curly
PE Straight + PE Curly

Choice the yarn Shape

The properties of artificial grass vary depending on the type of yarn being used. The richer a collection in terms of the type of yarn, the wider the choice. In the Garden collection, Hanwei uses up to more than 20 different yarns to give you a wide choice to fulfil your needs.
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Choice the backing Material

The four backing materials can be selected according to customer needs.
Single Polypropylene (PP)
Polypropylene (PP) & non-woven
Polypropylene (PP)+
Meshed Polypropylene (PP)
Double Polypropylene (PP)

Choice the coating material




PU (for USA customers)